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USAA Mortgage Life Insurance Quotes

Mortgage Life Insurance Quotes

Get Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) is a mortgage protection insurance that can help families of Service Members or Veterans with severe disabilities pay the mortgage on the home in case they die .

Download the VMLI brochure for general information about the Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance Program.

Mortgage Life Insurance for Veterans

Mortgage Life Insurance

VMLI is only available to Service Members and Veterans with severe disabilities related to the service who:

Received a Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant to help build, remodel or buy a house, AND
Have the title of the house, and
Have a mortgage on the house.
Veterans must apply for VMLI before their 70th birthday.

AARP mortgage life insurance Benefits
AARP offers mortgage life insurance of up to $ 200,000 and is paid only to the mortgage holder (that is, to a bank or mortgage lender), not to a beneficiary. The amount of coverage will be equal to the amount of the mortgage that is still owed, but the maximum can never exceed $ 200,000. VMLI is reducing the best aarp mortgage insurance that decreases as the balance of the mortgage decreases. VMLI has no loans or securities in cash and does not pay dividends.

Mortgage Senior Life Insurance

Cost / Rates
To determine the VMLI premium amount, see the VMLI Premium Calculator.

Requesting VMLI
Service members or veterans who receive a grant for the purchase of specially adapted homes are advised by Loan Guaranty staff in their interview of their eligibility for VMLI to cover the unpaid mortgage on their home.

The Specially Adapted Housing Agent will assist the Service Member or Veteran to complete VA Form 29-8636, Application for Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance. If a Service Member or Veteran does not request VMLI coverage at that time, VA will send a letter informing them that they are eligible for such coverage. In addition to completing Form VA 29-8636, the Service Member or Veteran must provide information about their current mortgage.

To qualify, veterans must have received a specially adapted housing grant.

Go to the “Specially adapted housing subsidy” benefits page for additional program information.

For more information, visit our Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance website.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Your next steps
The following information will take you to the next steps to request this program.
Application process
To apply, download Form 29-8636, the application for Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) and follow the instructions included.

Program contact information
For more information, visit the Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance website.

You can call us for free at:

USAA Insurance For Veterans – eBenefits

To request additional benefits and see your benefit status, open a Premium eBenefits account. eBenefits is a unique source of information about the benefits and services of the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. With a free Premium eBenefits account, Veterans, Service Members and their families can perform self-service transactions.

Such as checking compensation and state information on pension claims, enrolling in GI Bill and obtaining copies of civil service preference letters, military records (DD214), and other personal information. For more information and to register for a free Premium level account, visit the eBenefits website.